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Kelly @Hillside! Oct 2013

Following on the Unite! Conference where 6 churches from different denominations across Linden joined together to learn about Unity, we were very blessed to have Kelly Kimble share with us at Hillside on Sunday, 13 October. 

Kelly is a Judge by trade, and is also the Chairperson & SA Coordinator of Christian Unity Ministries who led the Unite! Conference. She has served as an Associate District Judge covering six counties in South Texas since 1996.  Before joining the judiciary, she was in private practice in Dallas specializing in real estate and banking transactions.  Kelly is an active lay leader in both her home church, St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Uvalde and The Diocese of West Texas. 

 Thanking Bridget for her help with serving & looking after the team from Christian Unity Ministries.

Some Hillsiders giving feedback on the conference. (Lara joining Lurinda as she shared & Christianah giving her impressions).


Elsabé, Kelly & Amy listening to people's feedback on the conference.