Identity within the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God came through the anointing of the Spirit on Jesus, giving Him authority to announce and demonstrate the rule and reign of God. He then delegated this authority to his disciples and at Pentacost anointed them with power to continue his ministry. This delegated authority now rests on the church. However, lack…

Rethinking Atonement

Directly from Derek’s desk: I am currently engaged in a project, with several Vineyard theologians from the US, UK, Europe and RSA, to review the doctrine of the atonement. There is a positive and a negative reason for this. • The negative reason is that, over the last few decades, there are growing voices challenging…

Tensions and Teachings on the Kingdom of God

Dr. Derek Morphew maintains that we are currently living through a major development in theology – what he calls ‘The Kingdom Reformation.’ Whilst pastors and leaders are inspired by more recent developments, many still have questions (as well as struggles) around some of the more popular expressions. Often in the more demonstrable areas of ministry…

Sunrise Service

Join us as we celebrate with the other churches in our Fraternal the joy that Jesus has risen from the dead.
This is a special opportunity to watch the sun rise over the field while proclaiming that our Saviour is alive!
Please dress warmly, bring a blanket and a cushion to sit on.
Enjoy a good cup of coffee, hot cross bun and fellowship afterwards.

An Inner Pilgrimage

The weekend will include times of interaction and times of silence; a time to dial down, pray, walk, rest and to be with God and each other.

Ladies Tea

Join us for some wonderful fellowship and ministry.


Ladies Meeting

Come and be blessed by the insights shared by Bev and Marina.