Sermons by Wayne Bouwer (Page 3)

Our God reigns

It’s time to get ready! Not for Black Friday but for the Reign of the King. Whilst many people are excited about Black Friday specials it’s time to dust off those Advent wreaths. This Sunday is not only the 1st of the Month but it is the beginning of Advent – our time to reflect…

How are we building?

Last week we looked at Jesus the teacher. This week we remember some of the most famous words of Jesus about building, but not really about literal buildings but about what really matters – our lives.  

Discipleship described – Reloaded

Previously I shared on Jesus’s call to discipleship – to follow Him. But what does this look like, what does it entail? Whilst sticking with the theme, and the gospels, this Sunday we will bounce back to John’s gospel to look at what Jesus says there about following Him.