Identity within the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God came through the anointing of the Spirit on Jesus, giving Him authority to announce and demonstrate the rule and reign of God. He then delegated this authority to his disciples and at Pentacost anointed them with power to continue his ministry. This delegated authority now rests on the church.
However, lack of confidence in their identity as beloved sons and daughters of God can paralyse Christians and prevent them from going forth with the authority and anointing of Jesus.
If we are not sure of our salvation, or insecure in our identity in Christ, then we will be less likely to step out in radical obedience to his call.
One of the best things about the gospel, the good in the good news, is how we are given a totally transformed identity through the new birth.
This seminar will explore that identity.

**Audio starts towards the end of slide 1**

Identity 1 Linden

Identity 2 Linden

Identity 3 Linden

Identity 4 Linden

Identity 5 Linden



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