Tensions and Teachings on the Kingdom of God

Dr. Derek Morphew maintains that we are currently living through a major development in theology – what he calls ‘The Kingdom Reformation.’ Whilst pastors and leaders are inspired by more recent developments, many still have questions (as well as struggles) around some of the more popular expressions. Often in the more demonstrable areas of ministry – such as praying for healing, evangelism, or even worship.
How do we embrace the tensions of the Kingdom: On the one hand desiring more of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, whilst on the other being consistent with responsible theology? In these sessions Derek will draw from his latest book ‘Demonstrating the Kingdom’, as well as share from his vast experience within the local church.

Kingdom Implications 1 Linden

Kingdom Implications 2 Linden What is Pentecost

Kingdom Implications 3 Linden Transformation

Kingdom Implications 4 Linden Irvingite Legacy



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