Who We Are

Hillside Vineyard aspires to be a community that grows together in our intimacy and knowledge of God, and by building meaningful relationships, encouraging and equipping each member to extend God’s Kingdom in their families, neighbourhoods and work places. ‘Letting God’s love shape our lives.’ (Ps 119:41 – The Message)

Introducing our Values

We aspire to being value-driven and purpose-directed. Click any of the six values to read more.

  1. We value a proper approach to the Bible.
  2. We Value Jesus Christ as the Head and the Holy Spirit as the Administrator of the Church.
  3. We Value relationships as primary, on an adult-to-adult basis.
  4. We Value the dignity of the individual.
  5. We Value the ministry of God’s Kingdom as Healing and Mercy.
  6. We value an approach to the Christian life that is holistic, balanced, integrated and inclusive.

How do we practice or prioritise these values?

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