Hillside update 20 March

Due to the current global pandemic, we have suspended meeting together on Sundays for the time being. Here Wayne and Bev explain their thinking and share their insights and perspective as to the way forward. Listen to the audio-only version:  

Don't be anxious about anything

Don’t be anxious about anything

In the midst of the current COVID-19 global pandemic, it is only natural to feel anxious. But anxiety can be debilitating and lead one to act and react in fear rather than love. Hence, Paul’s injunction to us to not be anxious about anything. But just telling yourself not to be anxious is a surefire…

Join the Journey

One of the most significant journeys in history has to be the one undertaken by Jesus. Having begun His ministry in Galilee to much excitement, He turns and heads towards Jerusalem where He will face certain opposition, hardship, and ultimately crucifixion. He does not, however, undertake this trip alone. He invites companions to accompany him…