Wayne Bouwer – Come and Follow Me (10 March 2024)

One of the defining characteristics of Jesus’ minsitry was his call for people to follow him. To follow him along the dusty roads of Galilee, to follow him as he spoke in parables, to see how he interacted with people and ministered to them. It was an invitation to not only accompany him but to discover a whole new way of living.   Since the response of those first disciples, Jesus has continued to gather followers. Whilst the world is filled with people who give ascent to his name or define themselves by the  term Christian, we can question whether that means what it did for those early followers. Join as Wayne shares some of those first accounts and how it can still inform the way we respond to Jesus today.

From Hillside Vineyard Christian Fellowship, at Aan-Die-Berg Gemeente. Johannesburg, South Africa. On 10 March 2024.


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